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    If there are companies that can provide book leasing but not audio book leasing services or vice versa, can and how may the requirement be broken up to enhance competition?


    Note: I spoke with the submitter and verified the question was only about enhancing competition and not for example about splitting a requirement to be able to use SAP procedures ie 13.003.

    Yes, in this example if you wanted to split the requirement to say book leasing and audio leasing to enhance competition you could. In B-294563, MTB Group, Inc., February 23, 2005 the GAO stated "The record shows that HUD's motivation is not to avoid competition requirements, but to expand the field of competition to include all interested inspectors--including those who desire to compete for single inspections--instead of effectively limiting the competition to the few companies, such as MTB, that are able to compete to perform large numbers of inspections in a specific region."


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