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    " Is there is any regulation or budget correspondence that outlines exactly when sustainment support commences...Is it after fielding/production? Our PM is asking for guidance "- this was a previous question in your library - however, I need it to be slanted to CL V. some of it does not go out of production for many, many years. it is our contention that when a lot of ammo is accepted into the stockpile - it goes into sustainment operations receipt, storage, transport, issue, surveillance, inventory management and demil. (I caveat that with, it is a dumb bullet with no repair parts needed) . is this the correct position for this class of supply?


    The ammunition POC advises that you can contact John Stults at AMC. He is looking into it. He remembers a reference about this that he is looking for.
    John Stults
    Chief, Ammunition and Arsenals Branch
    HQ AMC
    4400 Martin Road
    Redstone Arsenal  AL 35898-5000
    256-450-6962 (DSN 320)
    BB 256-975-0884 <>

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