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    Please indicate the regulation or authorization to issue Work Orders?


    The FAR describes the most appropriate application for a T&M contract at FAR 16.601(c) where it says that "a time and materials contract may be used only when it is not possible at the time of placing the contract to estimate accurately the extent or duration of the work or to anticipate costs with any reasonable degree of confidence."  Based on this description, we often see T&M contracts used when some sort of repair or diagnostic effort is needed.

    However, when a diagnosis is made or a specific repair is found to be necessary, there are any number of ways you may proceed - modification to current T&M, new contract, alternate contract vehicle (if available). Recommend you consult with the cognizant contracting officer and legal counsel for the effort/program you are working on to determine the most appropriate course of action. Based on the little bit of information provided in the question, there is no specific Work Order regulation for all T&M contracts that we are aware of.

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