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    Sources Sought posted and only 2 SDVOSB responded - can an award be made from the 2 or is 3 needed. Should it now go out as jsut VOSB?


    According to FAR 19.1405(b), a SDVOSB set-aside can be done if the Contracting Officer has an expectation that you will received 2 or more SDVOSB offers and award will be done at a fair market price. So yes, you can do a SDVOSB set-aside.

    Since the questioner is from the VA, please also, VAAR 819.7005(a) states that you can do a SDVOSB set-aside if you have a reasonable expectation that you will get 2 or more eligible SDVOSB offers and award will be made at a fair and reasonable price.  So, yes you can do a SDVOSB set-aside. 

    Please review both the FAR and VAAR in making a determination into what you want to do.

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