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    More specifically--in regards to AFRBs--my supervisor wanted to know: 1. What are the trigger events (especially for out-of-cycle)? 2. Purpose? You say the AFRB is to develop AF corporate consensus, but that statement appears to apply to only ACAT 1D/ACAT 1IAMs. So, is the purpose for ACAT 1C also to develop corporate consensus? 3. Deliverables or what does this meeting feed into? Again, discriminate between ACAT 1D and ACAT 1C. If the program is not going to a DAB, why have an AFRB? ...or does every program going to a DAB get an AFRB? If the CSB Chair provides recommendations to the requirements validation authority, what does AFRB Chair do? Any help in answering the above questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Very Respectfully, Maj Brendan T. Shanahan AFMC/A2X COM: (937) 257-5045 DSN: 787-5045 (NIPRNET) (SIPRNET) (JWICS)


    What you have written is basically correct. The purpose of the Configuration Steering Board (CSB) is really to guard against requirements creep which has been shown to be a major cost driver for our DoD acquisition programs. The CSB is formed at the component level and meets annually to review potential capability requirements changes and proposes to the requirements validation authority those changes that may be necessary to achieve affordability constraints on production and sustainment costs or that will result in a more cost-effective product. CSB decisions can feed into either the OSD Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) or the Air Force Review Board (AFRB) depending on the ACAT level of the program.

    See DoDI 5000.02, Operation of the Defense Acquisition System, for a more detailed description. Air Force Review Boards (AFRB), on the other hand, perform functions similar to that of the OSD Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) but at the component level. AFRBs provide review authority for acquisition programs under component oversight and provide Air Force corporate consensus to the DAB for programs under OSD oversight.

    See AFI 63-101, Acquisition and Sustainment Life Cycle Management, for a more detailed description. More information on AFRBs can be found at the Air Force PM&AE AF Portal Page.

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