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    I would like to know who the Program Manager for Demil and Disposal Plan is, so the signature page can be completed. The Program Office is referenced in AR 700-144, paragraph 3-4, but no additional contact information was provided to determine where or who to send the plan for signature.


    According to AR 700-144, October 2015, the PM DEMIL falls under PEO, Ammo, Project Director, Joint Services.

    The Project Director, Joint Services is responsible for:
    - Integrating the Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition (SMCA) mission, providing the Warfighter (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) with conventional ammunition required to train and go to war. PD JS is responsible for:
    - Coordination and integration of SMCA activities, functions, processes and operations on behalf of PEO Ammo
    - Demilitarization of DoD’s conventional ammunition
    - Execution of SMCA industrial base functions including Army Ammunition Plant Modernization
    - Providing technology solutions to improve ammunition manufacturing safety, effectiveness, quality and cost
    - Managing US Army ammunition logistics research and development efforts

    PEO Ammo, Project Director, Joint Services contact information is:
    Phone – (973) 724-9778
    Web page below: (check link at “Contact Us”)

    As phone numbers change frequently, the above number may not be current when you call, or you may be asked to leave a message due to the nature of ammo security. But PEO, Ammunition is definitely the responsible organization – contacting the PEO, Ammunition will inevitably lead to the office you seek regarding direction in your demil/disposal planning.

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