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    We are working on a contract consolidation for some of our BOS requirements and need to determine the time frame to do a consolidation and find a sample if possible.


    The difference between "improper bundling" and permissible "consolidation" can be a fine line.  Consequently, this is an effort that should be undertaken with the input from each of your stakeholders and your general counsel.  DAU provides a variety of service acquisition templates and aids that can assist your undertaking.  They can be found at

    At that location you can also find the Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (AART) suite that can walk you through the seven steps for service acquisition.  The AART consists of a Requirements Definition tool, an Evaluation Factors tool, a Performance Assessment tool, and a Cost Estimation tool. These can be used independently or together to produce your work products.

    Finally, NAVFAC has expertise that you may find useful for review and consultation.  Start at

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