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    Where can I find example documents that would give someone without familiarization a written outline of how some of these documents should look? As an example what would a functional configuration audit look like? Or a copy of a completed and approved LCSP? These are just a few of the gates we must pass through and I was looking to incorporate actual completed documents into the brief so people could read and use them to better anchor the concepts in their understanding.


    The LCSP Annotated Outline contains slides pertaining to the Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) Outline (i.e., completed template) which you can use to get you and your MDA colleagues up to speed on the LSCP content. The Defense AT&L Magazine March-April 2012 issue also contains good DoD policy level information on the LCSP. Additionally, DAU offers a continuous learning module, CLL 005 "Developing a Life Cycle Sustainment Plan" which provides additional background information.  Details at 

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