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    Need to know if a contractor bidding on the program is allowed access to the CDD, and if so when this is allowed. I recall hearing some time ago that this is not allowed, however I cannot find an authoritative reference on this question.


    The CDD is a JCIDS document, and the RFP is a PMO generated document.  It is imperative for the PMO top "get the requrements right" and, therefore, it is incumbant upon the PMO to work with the user community to define the requirements and translate them into the RFP.  The decision to include the CDD with the RFP, or to provide it after the contract is awarded, would be the PM's decision. 

    We address this very scenario in the PMT352 course.  Most students state that they would never provide the CDD as it would lead to confusion and possibly "scramble" the lines of communication between the PMO, the users, and the contractor(s).  Others claim that they have provided the CDD along with the RFP - with mixed results.  Botom line - I would not consider it a "best practice" in most circumstances.  there may also be classification issues as some CDDs are classified.   

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