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    Should the ship to address in the WAWF document be the freight forwarder ? The contract requires that shipping instructions be provided by DCMA and it also states that multiple forwarders exist.


    Based on the fact pattern in the question and question background, it appears that contract SPE7L4-16-V-1171 is ambiguous regarding how the FMS customer nation wants the defense articles shipped to them.  There are a couple of ways DCMA could resolve this ambiguity to ensure the defense articles are shipped:

    1) Obtain access to (and read) the FMS Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) -- also known as the FMS case -- to see if it provides a clear, actionable statement of how the FMS customer nation wants the defense articles to be shipped.  (Contact the DoD Component Security Assistance Implementing Agency POC to obtain the FMS LOA if you don't have it.)

    2) Contact the DoD Program Management Office (if there is one) or the DoD organization that is the ultimate consignee (using the DoDAAC code) to obtain guidance on "ship to" freight forwarder address information from them (if they have it).

    3) Contact the FMS customer country POC in the FMS LOA to find out which freight forwarder they want DCMA to use to ship the material.

    Courses of action 1) - 3) above are not mutually exclusive.  Accordingly, once you obtain specific guidance regarding "ship to" information from one of these sources DCMA should be in a position to ensure that the material is optimally shipped to the FMS customer country. 

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