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    Is it appropriate to use OMA funding to purchase safety shoes with the GPC for use by safety personnel conducting inspections.


    The response is based on the information provided.  We suggest you also check with your financial team, the contracting officer and your legal department.
    What follows assumes the purchase is within the GPC threshold and thus GPC can be used if your situation falls within the following parameters.

    Operations & Maintenance - Army (OMA) funding is reasonable for use in purchasing everyday expenses necessary in the normal course of executing the mission. 
    If the safety shoes are required as part of the job, then it is appropriate to pay for them and OMA is the correct fund source. 

    5 U.S.C. Sec. 7903 (1987) authorizes purchases of special clothing for the protection of personnel in the performance of their assigned task. To qualify under this section three tests must be met: (1) the item must be "special" and not that which an employee would ordinarily furnish for himself; (2) the item must be for the benefit of the government, that is, essential to the safe and successful accomplishment of the work; and (3) the employee must be engaged in hazardous duty.

    You may also want to review AR 670-10.

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