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    I would like to know if this is a one time event for the contractor? I would think that it would be due at each MS or sooner if there is 50% change to the system . Can you help me?


    The Computer Resources Life Cycle Management Plan (CRLCMP) is an Army requirement. Army Regulation 700-127 ( specifies in Table 8-1, that the CRLCMP is a mandatory annex (Annex E) to the Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) ( and is required for both Milestones B and C. The table goes on the state that “all annexes will reflect updates necessary to keep the LCSP current.” In addition, para 8-12 reiterates this, stating that “Product Support Managers (PSMs) will ensure that the CRLCMP includes all IPS requirements and is updated when requirements change.. The plan will be annexed to the LCSP.” Additionally, para 9-11 Post-production software support goes on to add that “the PEO STRI will…provide support to materiel MATDEVs in development of the CRLCMP to support the MS C decision.” In addition, DA PAM 700-127 (, Para 8-12, para 9-12, and Table B-7 provide detailed information about the CRLCMP.

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