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    To allow contracting to reflect the extensions of POP is there an option to advise the contractor in consideration of extending the POP the information will be reflected in CPARS or just not extend the POP?


    Period of performance is a critical contract element.  Schedule is such an important contract element that it cannot be changed under the authority of the FAR part 43 changes clauses. One must be very careful altering cardinal contract elements in order to not end up out of scope of the contract and possibly inviting a protest from businesses that may have competed for the contract had they known the new schedule.  Generally, an excusable delay covered by the default clauses presented in FAR part 49 provide the acceptable reasons and conditions for the contractor failing to meet the contract schedule. If not an excusable delay, then it is a contract default.  If this clear principle of contract discipline is not embraced, for whatever reason, it may be good to consider establishing a contract schedule which reflects the realities of contract performance peculiar to your specific acquisition scenario.

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