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    Does a CDRL require a dd250 if shown in Section B as a line item as well as Section J as an attachment or should it be shown in MOCAS as a dummy 1423 line item?


    The determination as to whether a specific CDRL Line Item should require a DD Form 250 is made on a case by case basis based on what the Government intends to do with the delivered data.  To assist in determining whether a DD Form 250 would be required, "Procedures for the Acquisition and Management of Technical Data" (DoD 5010.12-M), C6.4 identifies Types of Data Requiring Inspection and Acceptance.  In general, if the Government intends to take ownership of the data deliverable and use that data, a DD Form 250 would usually be required.  That determination would need to be made based on the specific data being acquired and the Government's intended purpose and would be tailored for the contract and the Government's needs.

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