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    We would like to know for the department of the NAVY what is the application process for getting a DO/DX rating? Where do we start?


    Nearly all DoD program are rated at DO.  DX rating is the highest program rating.  I suggest you review the following before determining the rating for your program: DoD 4400.1 (Defense Production Act Programs) October 12, 2001 and the implementing manual DoD 4400.1-M (Department of Defense Priorities and Allocation Manual) Feb 21, 2002.  The application process for obtaining a Defense Priorities and Allocations System Program (DPAS) rating for your program is listed in the Manual with an example of justification in Appendix 1.  Chapter 2 which provides the authority and Chapter 8 the nominating procedures are particularly of interest.  Navy examples of programs at the DX rating are the VH-21, VH-3, and the VH-60 Presidential Helicopters; the Fleet Ballistic Missile Weapon System, Trident Systems; and Program 341 on Computational Neuroscience. 

    I also recommend you browse the course material in DAU's Continuous Learning Modules CLC 043 on DPAS Training.  Lesson 5 on Program Manager and Contracting Officer Responsibilities/SPA Requests will be helpful.  It includes access to Form 691 which is the request for priority rating authority for production or construction equipment which is submitted through the Administrative Contracting Officer to the appropriate DoD Component (in your case the Navy). If you have additional questions or need more information please contact Sam Fazio at


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