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    Can we award a contract for warrantees and include option years.


    The direct answer to your question is yes.  I see no regulation preventing you from having warrantees on option year deliveries, or preventing you from including a warranty as an option.  Funding restrictions could cause you some difficulties, but you might also consider extended warranties, instead of annual exercise of options.  This might save the Government some money.
    Make sure you read all of DFARS 246.7, Warranties.  In many instances, the head of the contracting office must approve the use of a warranty ensuring that the costs are expected to outweigh the benefit to the Government.  Every acquisition situation is unique, so make sure that you understand the full development and maintenance strategy in your contract and the Acquisition Plan.  Do you expect to negotiate many ECP changes that will affect the warranty?  Will the contractor be paid to do contractor logistics support?  If so, there could be an overlap in funding. 
      Please look at the DoD Warranty Guide at
    Please look at the DFARS 246.7, Warranties at

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