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    Should I open this amended solicitation to all offerors or should I only consider the offeror that responded to solicitation. Bear in mind that I am just amending the solicitation not advertising a new one. FAR 15.206 (c) seems to direct me to only the offeror that answered the original solicitation. Can I be protested if open to all offerors by announcing in FBO.


    You should resolicit rather than amending your current solicitation.  According to  DFARS PGI 215.371 it is DoD policy to resolicit if only one offer is received in response to a competitive solicitation.  You should consult with the requiring activity to determine if the requirements document should be revised in order to promote more competition (DFARS PGI 215.371-2).  (In your question you indicate you are already contemplating this.)  The DFARS continues in that section to state that the contracting officer shall “resolicit, allowing an additional period of at least 30 days for receipt of proposals.”  (DFARS PGI 215.371-2(a)(2).

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