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    Could you please help direct me to the FAR that supports the quoted statement within the scenario background?


    This response is based on the information provided.  In a specific instance we recommend seeking guidance from the contracting officer and legal department.
    The FAR allows for tailoring to meet special issues/concerns as long as we are within statutes, regulations, state laws etc.  The part of the FAR that encourages this leeway is at FAR 1.102 - Statement of Guiding Principles for the Federal Acquisition System.
    (a) The vision for the Federal Acquisition System is to deliver on a timely basis the best value product or service to the customer, while maintaining the public’s trust and fulfilling public policy objectives. Participants in the acquisition process should work together as a team and should be empowered to make decisions within their area of responsibility.
    (d) The role of each member of the Acquisition Team is to exercise personal initiative and sound business judgment in providing the best value product or service to meet the customer’s needs. In exercising initiative, Government members of the Acquisition Team may assume if a specific strategy, practice, policy or procedure is in the best interests of the Government and is not addressed in the FAR, nor prohibited by law (statute or case law), Executive order or other regulation, that the strategy, practice, policy or procedure is a permissible exercise of authority.

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