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    Since local telephone exchange services are classified as "telecommunication services", and in accordance with FAR Part 41.102(b)(3) the Acquisition of Utility Services do not apply to "telecommunication services", can we acquire local telephone exchange services as a "utility service" under FAR Part 41, or are telecommunication services (local telephone exchange services) acquired as a service contract under FAR Part 37 versus FAR Part 41?


     After researching the FAR and DFARS it looks to me like you should be following DFARS 239.74 Telecommunication Services which you mentioned in the background information. You are also correct about FAR 41 not including telecommunications services.  I do not understand why your location is saying they are a utility.  I would not think this goes back to the mid 1980s when divestiture and deregulation took place for telecommunications, but it could possibly be the reason.  You should also speak with your legal dept.

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