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    I am going through the DFARS clauses/prescriptions 1 by 1 to determine if they are applicable. Once determined applicable, Is there any guidance available that specifies which sections DFARS provisions/clauses shall be included in the UCF format?


    Q-  If I understand your question correctly, you want to know where to place the DFARS Provisions and Clauses, when you are using the Uniform Contract Format.
    A-  FAR 52.301 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses (Matrix), tells us where to put the Provisions and Clauses – in section K or L or I,  for example.  But, there is no similar matrix in the DFARS for agency acquisition provisions or clauses, nor any text explanation.  Because there is nothing in the DFARS or PGI on the topic, I would use the FAR explanation as follows….
    FAR 52.101(c) Prescriptions. Each provision or clause in Subpart 52.2 is prescribed at that place in the FAR text where the subject matter of the provision or clause receives its primary treatment. The prescription includes all conditions, requirements, and instructions for using the provision or clause and its alternates, if any. The provision or clause may be referred to in other FAR locations.”
    I also recommend that you talk with your Navy policy office for any other clause control guidance.  Placement of the provisions and clauses may also be controlled by your contract writing system.  Using the FAR guidance, the placement of the provisions and clauses is up to you.

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