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    Is the above a protected communication to a US Government rep under the whistle-blower protection act? Who should I elevate this concern to, to determine if offense is accurate so they may take appropriate action regarding situation? Seeking the best appropriate information and action according to the FAR, and any other regulation, which may put the program at risk, if statement made to me is indeed an accurate representation of the facts.


    You should report this to the contracting officer for the program. The contracting officer should in turn consult with your agency's legal counsel, as the Whistleblower Act falls strictly in the legal arena. FAR Subpart 3.9 covers Whistleblower protections. More specifically, FAR 3.904 paragraph (a) states: "Any employee of a contractor who believes that he or she has been discharged, demoted, or otherwise discriminated against contrary to the policy in 3.903 may file a complaint with the Inspector General of the agency that awarded the contract."

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