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    What is the definition of "statutory" and "regulatory" as it applies to LifeCycle Logistics documentation and what is the source of the definitions?


    Statutory, in the case of DoDI 5000.02, means that it's a law issued by Congress and punishable accordingly. The statutes referenced in that directive fall under US Code Title 10.  Regulatory means that it's a rule or regulation placed in a directive or instruction by someone of higher authority within DoD. In the case of the DoDI 5000.02, a regulatory document issued by the Secretary of Defense that directs the military services to comply with the Title 10 statutes. Violating a statutory directive could put you in prison. Violating a regulatory directive, assuming no laws have been broken, would only, at most, only get you fired. Understanding the difference between statutory and regulatory gives insight as to why one is not tailorable and the other is.
    The source of my definition is

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