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    Is there somewhere were I can find best practices and lessons learned of using a FPIF contract?


    Unfortunately I have not been able to locate any Best Practices or Lessons Learned from the use of FPIF contracts specifically for sustainment activities.  There are some scholarly articles that discuss in general the use of Incentive and Award Fee contracts.  Two articles in particular from Defense Acquisition University (DAU) address the use of incentives.  Both articles appeared in different issues of the Defense Acquisition Review Journal. The first article, which appeared in the July 2008 edition may be accessed at the link  The second article, which appeared in the September – October 2007 edition may be accessed at the following link:  Again, while both of these articles discuss the use of incentives and have data/experiences from real DOD programs, neither specifically apply to sustainment.
    For guidance about the use of incentives on DOD contracts, your attention is drawn to the DOD and NASA Incentive Contracting Guide, October 1969.  The following shortcut link to DAU’s Acquisition Community Connection (ACC),, will get you to the Incentive page where you can click on the Incentive Guide link and download the document.  Although this guide is dated, it is an excellent guide on the mechanics of incentives.
    or the most recent guidance issued by DOD on Incentive contracting, the following shortcut link will again get you inside the ACC where you can bring up or download the April 2016, Guidance on Using Incentive and Other Contract types:

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