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    Does the APSA fulfill the requirement for a DSOR?


    After discussing this with the AMC and ASAALT community we found in the recent rewrite of the 700-127 series the committee's intent was for the APSA to take the place, and in many cases the form, of the Type II BCA.  They nearly become synonymous in AR 700-127 with some subtle differences that allow the program to use other formats from the BCA, such as a CBA and other comparative analysis documentation formats.   For more information you can look in 700-127, both the AR and the DA PAM. 
    However, the APSA was not intended to replace the DSOR.  The DSOR is a document that has to be reviewed at the joint level to determine the appropriate depot repair location from a DoD perspective.  As such it needs to maintain the DoD/joint intent and the APSA does not satisfy that requirement. 
    Please feel free to send any further questions.  Thank you for the inquiry.

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