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    Do you have any best practices for functional combatant command to gather, prioritize, legitimize, and levy requirements from service component operations to various SPOs?


    To respond soonest to your Ask A Professor question, I inquired with fellow colleagues as well as the Joint Staff J8 and then called your office.  Since you're currently TDY, I then left a brief message with one of your colleagues.  
    In any case, there is no specific repository for the type of best practice you describe in your question.  However, the Joint Staff Knowledge Management/Decision Support (KM/DS) system does contain some lessons-learned related to requirements.  However, these generally address topics such as capability analysis and documentation such as the DCR, ICD, CDD, and CPD. 
    Regardless, to keep the dialogue going and to help me understand your situation more fully, please contact me and let's discuss the topic further.  In the meantime, if you have more specific information you wish to send via email that can help me understand the issue, please consider doing so.  I will follow up this AAP response with an email directly to you.

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