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    For commercial acquisitions using LPTA procedures, is there any guidance from the DoD, or more specifically Air Force, on whether or not the technical evaluators are allowed to see the price(s) as part of their technical evaluation?


    Any such guidance would be in the DoD Source Selection Procedures, specifically Appendix C (Low Price Technically Acceptable Source Selection Process). Section C.2.1 of that appendix makes clear that the technical evaluation, which results in either "Acceptable" or "Unacceptable" rating, is to be based on non-price factors. I don't know of any explicit prohibition against allowing technical evaluators to see the prices, but I don't see any benefit in doing so. In fact, there may be a disadvantage in that the evaluators would not be strictly objective when reviewing the technical merits. The price associated with the technical proposal may taint their technical evaluation.

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