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    Do any of the acquisition guides address the composing of a Concept of Operations (CONOPs) for a system in development, and give guidance on how and who would write a CONOPs?


    A Concept of Operations or CONOPS, is a verbal or graphic statement that clearly and concisely expresses what the joint force commander intends to accomplish and how it will be done using available resources (Joint Publication 1-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms).  CONOPs, as described in CJCSI 3170 JCIDS series are written to describe how a joint force commander may organize and employ forces in the near term (now through 7 years into the future) in order to solve a current or emerging military problem. These CONOPs provide the operational context needed to examine and validate current capabilities and may be used to examine new and/or proposed capabilities required to solve a current or emerging problem. These CONOPs and the appropriate assessment results are coordinated with the appropriate Functional Capabilities Board (FCB) and its capabilities are submitted to Joint Staff/J-8 as potential joint capabilities documents (JCDs) via the knowledge management and decision support (KMDS) system.
    To specifically address your question, though you can find additional guidance on CONOPS, you will not find any direct guidance that distinguishes between a system in development and another phase of the acquisition lifecycle. For more information on CONOPS, please refer to: Joint Publication 5-0; CJCSI 3170.01, also known as the JCIDS manual and DoDI 5000.02 to gain a better understanding of acquisition phases and the Defense Acquisition System. 


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