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    Because the program was not established as an ACAT program during development, an APB was never developed. The program is now being placed on the AML. Is the Program Manager now required to develop an APB retroactively or does the requirement for an APB get eliminated since the program is in O and S? Does the LCSP replace the need for an APB?


    An Acquisition Program Baseline (APB) is an agreement between the Program Manager (PM) and the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) that reflects the approved program and contains schedule, performance, and cost parameters that are the basis for satisfying an identified mission need. The first APB is approved by the MDA prior to a program entering Engineering and Manufacturing Development, or at program initiation, whichever occurs later. As a minimum, the APB contains the objective and threshold values for major milestones and significant schedule events, key performance parameters from the approved requirements document, and the life-cycle cost estimate approved for the program.

    Per the DoDI 5000.02, “
    A successful program meets the sustainment performance requirements, remains affordable, and continues to seek cost reductions by applying Should Cost management and other techniques throughout the O&S Phase. Doing so requires close coordination with the war-fighting sponsor (i.e., user), resource sponsors, and materiel enterprise stake holders, along with effective management of support arrangements and contracts. During O&S, the Program Manager will measure, assess, and report system readiness using sustainment metrics and implement corrective actions for trends diverging from the required performance outcomes defined in the APB and LCSP”. Since your program has entered the O&S phase without an approved APB, the benefit of the APB as an agreement between the MDA and the PM has been bypassed.

    I suggest that the LCSP may be a much more important document development effort at this point in your program. The LCSP could incorporate the necessary elements of an APB for the O&S phase. I would suggest running this logic train by the Program Manager and/or Product Support Manager.

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