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    Can we deliver an aircraft to country without a CPI Reoprt?


    This answer is based on the assumption that “CPI” is “Critical Program Information”.  Without an understanding of the context of the aircraft sale to Lebanon, it is possible that “CPI” may denote a “commercially procured item" as in the case of a commercial or commercial-derivative aircraft.
    But, assuming “CPI” to be “Critical Program Information”, CPI is normally documented in the Program Protection Plan which does have a specified contract deliverable format; however delivery of a "Critical Program Information Report" is not generally included in an FMS contract.  In fact, there is no separate Data Item Description for a "Critical Program Information Report".  So this brings into question what type of "CPI Report" is actually being considered to be delivered with the aircraft.  Consequently, it is recommended that one check the contract associated with the FMS Letter of Acceptance to confirm that the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) item is, in fact, a "Critical Program Information Report" rather than a "Commercially Procured Item Report".  If the contract verification process confirms it to be a "Critical Program Information Report," the local Foreign Disclosure Office should review the report (and if necessary, sanitize it to remove any Controlled Unclassified Info that should not be released to Lebanon) prior to transmission of the Report to the Lebanese government or Ministry of Defense.

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