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    Does each 1423 in a multiple modification DO need to be individually signed? We have not been able to identify any actual regulations stating this, and because our package includes nearly 100 CDRL's we are trying to avoid un-necessary effort.


    Your specific question asks if each individual CDRL require an individual signed DD-1423. Per our discussion, I know you understand this but for the record I need to clarify that CDRL stands for Contract Data Requirements List whereas your question pertains to if each Contract Data Requirement (or CDR) requires its own DD-1423. The short answer to the latter is that there is no across-the-board policy (that I can find) which requires each CDR to have a DD-1243. However, depending on the specific circumstance, it may be the best course of action to generate a unique DD-1243 for each data requirement. As an FYI, the specific instruction for this is DoD 5010.12-M, Procedures for the Acquisition and Management of Technical Data (

    Per the question background, your specific acquisition contains approximately 100 data requirements thus having an equal number of DD-1423s with each requiring its own approval process and signature creates a significant administrative burden. I don’t disagree. However, the larger issue has to do with the fact that many contracts end up with underutilized (if not unused) CDRs and that each individual CDR has a significant cost associated with it. As such, a general best practice would be to really scrutinize each data requirement in a proposed CDRL to ensure that all of them are really needed.

    Assuming that your organization has scrutinized the proposed CDRL and that each of the proposed data requirements is needed, then it may be of interest that some versions of the DD-1243 form allow for more than one data item. The baseline version of the form on the OSD site ( allows for only a single data item per preparer (block G) and approver (block I). However, a variant of the form found on DTIC’s site allows for four data items on a single form ( Both variants are OMB approved. The latter may not be the “fix” you are looking for but could very well reduce the administrative burden.


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