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    Is the contractor required to use the drawings in the TDP for manufacture or can they use their own? As a QAS, I ensure that proper drawings and revision levels as specified in the contract are used by the manufacturer. Is the root cause of this possibly how the contractor is submitting an automated bid in DIBBS (bid without exception VS bid with exception)?


    Great question.  Your duty as a DCMA QAS is to ensure the contractor meets all contract requirements.  If they are making a part that has a different number than what is in the contract then they are not meeting contract requirements.  However, if that part is their part number and all the requirements between the government drawing and their drawing are exactly the same and if that is the part they intend to present to you for acceptance I would suggest they contract the buying agency and get a modificaiton to the contract to include their part number to the contract.  Otherwise you will have issues accepting the product when it is presented.  What the contract calls out and what they submit must match.  I appreciate what is shown in WEBFLIS but it appears it is not what is on your contract.  Sounds like a simple mod would solve their issues.

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