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    Just completed module #1 while it has JCIDS information, there is nothing about acquisition under DBS rules. Is there another DAU course that concentrates on DBS? having sat in meeting even senior acq executives appear to be unsure of the milestone requirements for DBS.


    In general, the acquisition process and framework are the same for Defense Business Systems (DBS). Although there are additional requirements for DBS Governance, such as the Defense Business System Management Committee (DBSMC) and the conduct of an Investment Review Board (IRB), the acquisition milestones, decision reviews, and phases are same as any of other weapon system. The DoDI 5000.02 specifically calls out Defense Acquisition Program Model 3 (page 11) as a model "that has been adopted for many Defense Business Systems."
    Additional information on the Defense Business Systems is contained in Enclosure 12 of the DoDI 5000.02. 
    Defense Business Systems are discussed as part of several ACQ and PMT (acquisition and program management) courses, but do not believe that there is a course that focuses solely on Defense Business Systems.

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