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    Can the GPC be used to pay for appointment services? Not just for this scenario, but for future special circumstances?


    The first issue is what can a GPC be used for and it can be used for the same things as are allowed for using appropriated funds on other contracts.  The difference being the dollar limit.
    The second issue is whether eyewear is an item that may be purchased with appropriated funds.  Most of the time personal eyewear is to be purchased by the individual.  There are exceptions for safety such as googles when dealing with hazardous materials.
     GAO Redbook Vol 1 Chapter 4, e, Personal Qualification Expenses  Generally, expenses necessary to qualify a government employee to do his or her job are personal expenses and not chargeable to appropriated funds. 2 Comp. Dec. 262, 263 (1895). Somewhat coldly, the Comptroller added, “if he does not desire the office, he need not accept it.” Id. See also United States v. Van Duzee, 140 U.S. 169, 171 (1891) (“it is the duty of persons receiving appointments from the government …to qualify themselves for the office”).
    GAO Redbook Vol 1 Chapter 4, c, Health, Medical Care, and Treatment (1) Medical Care,  The rule for medical care is that, except for illness directly resulting from the nature of the employment, medical care and treatment are personal to the employee and payment may not be made from appropriated funds unless provided for in a contract of employment or by statute or valid regulation. 57 Comp. Gen. 62 (1977); 53 Comp. Gen. 230 (1973).
    You might want to discuss this with your financial management personnel.

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