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    If this is a follow on period contract vice a option period, how do this effect the extension limitations? BLUF: Can I do a MOD to the -8 extension for another 2 mos? The CS contemplate this additional time is necessary to award the new contract. Your guidance is appreciated in advance. Regards, Diane Smith Contract Specialist (Intern)


    Even though this is a contract with an AbilityOne contractor, you still have to maintain the integrity of the contract.  If you have already exercised the option under FAR 52.217-8 for a 6 month extension, then you cannot extend it any more under that clause.  Also, if you have no other options included in the contract per FAR 52.217-9, then you have no other way to extend the contract.  New follow-on contracts are certainly possible and are discussed in a previous Ask-A-Professor at the following address:

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