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    When enforcing 8210.1C Chapter 5 can the prime contractor accept the procedures of a -145 repair station even though they conflict with the GFR approved procedures. Example: ( A -145 Repair Station has procedures for Refuel/Defueling in the hangar, but according to 8210.1C and DoD safety standards it is not allowable.)


    1.  The CDA program does not meet the DFARS 228.370 exclusion for commercial derivative aircraft.
    2.  The Prime has GFR-approved Procedures.
    How ‘what’ happens in the question is not relevant:  If the Prime sub-contracts “aircraft” work at the Subs location, the Sub must follow the Primes Procedures.  It’s of no concern to the GFR ‘where’ these procedures come from (who creates them).  It’s only important that they are IAW 8210.1, and they are signed by the Prime. Existing procedures such as FAA-approved procedures can be used, but they MUST satisfy the requirements of 8210.1.

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