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    If we combine the ECP RDTE line with current RDTE funding from the APB, we will have increased the RDTE appropriations by 12.7%. An appropriations breach occurs at 10%. What documentation would we need to "protect" us from an appropriation breach. The new ECP is a directed Army requirement.


    1. The formal term for an Acquisition Program Baseline (APB) Breach is “APB Deviation.”  The question appears to be referring to the potential deviation of a current APB cost parameter, Total RDTE funding.  APB policy regarding revisions and deviations is found in DoDI 5000.02, Enclosure 1, Table 3.  There is no documentation that can protect you from a deviation (breach) even if caused by a senior management decision – either you have a potential APB deviation or you do not. 
     2. The process for handling deviations is outlined in Table 3 noted above and is as follows:
    •  The Program Manager will immediately notify the MDA (Milestone Decision Authority) when the Program Manager becomes aware of an impending deviation from any parameter (cost, schedule, performance, etc.).
    •  Within 30 business days of occurrence of the deviation, the Program Manager will submit a Program Deviation Report that informs the MDA of the reason for the deviation and planned actions.
    •  Within 90 business days of occurrence of the deviation:
      -The Program Manager will bring the program back within APB parameters; or
      -The Program Manager will submit information to the Overarching Integrated Product Team (OIPT) to inform a recommendation to the MDA on whether it is appropriate to approve a revision to an APB.
    •  The MDA will decide, after considering the recommendation resulting from the OIPT or equivalent Component-level review, whether it is appropriate to approve a revision to an APB.
    3. The APB may be revised as follows (also contained in Table 3):
    ·  May be revised only:
    § At milestone and FRP (Full Rate Production) and FD (Full Deployment) decisions;
    § As a result of a major program restructure that is fully funded and approved by the MDA;
    § As a result of a program deviation (breach); or
    § At the MDA’s discretion if fact of life program changes are so significant that managing to the existing baseline is not practical.
    ·  Circumstances authorizing changes are limited; revisions to the current baseline estimate/APB are not automatically authorized for program changes to cost, schedule, or performance parameters.
    ·  Revisions to the current APB will not be authorized unless there is a significant change in program parameters.
    ·  A revision to the current APB will not be authorized if proposed merely to avoid a reportable breach.
    ·  The MDA determines whether to revise the APB.
     4. It would appear the program’s circumstances would justify an APB revision, but that decision is up to the MDA.

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