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    FAR 42.1503(h) indicates that agencies are responsible for posting various performance information (such as terminations for default) in FAPIIS. Parts (c) and (d) of provision 52.209-7; however, refers to an offeror entering various types of information into FAPIIS. Also, part (a) of provision 52.209-9 refers to an offeror updating information in FAPIIS on a semi-annual basis. It is my general understating that agencies post the information in FAPIIS and a contractor is given an opportunity to comment on any postings. The provision references above appear to allow for the contractor to provide comments. if you could please clarify this, I would appreciate it.


    There are two entities that can submit information into the FAPIIS database. The basic responsibility belongs to the contractor, who must update that database on a semi-annual basis, as you correctly stated. The Government, as the second entity, also has a responsibility to post certain past performance information, as well as the responsibility to post the specific information listed in FAR 42.1503(h), in FAPIIS.  Anything the Government posts can be reviewed and commented on by the company involved.

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