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    Is there any contracting timeline data on what the timeline to award a base with options that went through OSD review......looking for a baseline for planning purposes.


    Any timeline data that exists would likely be held at a service level.  If you break down requirement to award timelines, you will see that the majority of the time taken is not contracting driven.  The largest consumer of time is determining the appropriate requirement, assessing risk, creating appropriate evaluation criteria (what to measure and how -- determining effective discriminators).  Army Contracting Command, possibly Source Selection Support Center of Excellence (S3CoE), or another command level contracts organization that supports your organization may have notional timeline data.  Based on the dollar value, complexity and review thresholds, the milestone schedules will vary.
    Another potential source of information would be the DCMA's CBAR site,  We suggest you review some PNMs there (We understand the requirement is all contracts $25M and above need to have the PNM archived on that system now.  You can look at the larger dollar contracts (at MDA, sole-source efforts exceeding $500M and competitive $1B or more) which were required to go through OSD reviews...  Reading some of the historical program background inside those documents may help in creating viable schedules.

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