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    There is a question / answer where CIP funds are provided which C/O into the following year, it appears the guidance says the Project Created from the CIP funding can be executed in the following year. Does the same hold true if O&MA is the basis of the Project Order?


    Operations and Maintenance Funds - Army (OMA) has the annual funding policy requirement and has a 1 year obligation time period.  What that means is that Operations and Maintenance funds are budgeted cover expenses incurred during operate and maintain DoD activities and pay personnel for a 12 month budget period.  Based on that, the funds are only available for obligation for 1 year.  A requirement that moves from Year 1 to Year 2, would need to
    funded with Year 2's OMA funds.  Capital Investment Program funds (I read this as Defense Business Operations Fund or DBOF) get their money through customer orders.  If the funds are obligated for a requirement in the year of appropriation from Congress, they can expend into the future, but those funds cannot be used to fund a requirement of a future year.

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