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    Can the COR be the TA? If so, what is the instruction that states that?


    At the DoD level there is no overarching requirement, instruction (regulation), directive, or other publication that specifies a COR “can be” or “should be” a Trusted Agent (TA).  Nor is there any prohibition in assigning a COR to be a TA.
    Yes, we have answered the COR and TA question before at AAP, but normally in a generic manner because the term trusted agent is used in different contexts (i.e. assigning someone to be a temporary paying agent, or any of the other items listed on the DD Form 577).  Luckily you were very specific in your question and were referring to the COR being assigned to be a TA under the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) Trusted Associate Sponsorship System (TASS).
    We refer you to the following to determine what that TASS TA training requirements are: This guide lists the applicable DoD Instructions associated with this program.

    EditorialI find it odd your security department said the COR should be the TA.  Unless you have a small office and this COR’s contract is the only contract (or one of a few contracts) you have where contractor personnel will need to apply for and receive a CAC… then having that as a blanket policy just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
    The more common model is where an organization or installation has a small number of TASS TA’s and they coordinate with ALL of the CORs, or PMs, or Contract Specialists.
    As a reminder,
    DoDI 5000.72; Enclosure 6, Table 1 (starting on page 23) has a list of potential responsibilities that could be delegated to a COR, it is not all inclusive.  Being a TASS TA was not listed because the authors did not feel like that was a routing or standard scenario.  That said, nothing prohibits the COR from being assigned the TA additional duty (as I mentioned above).

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