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    Hi DAU, I received a question yesterday as to the definition of early operational capability (EOC). Online I found all of this relating to EOC but not the formal definition. Please tell me the formal definition of EOC or what resources I can employ for finding it. Thank you!


    Bottom line up front--There is no official DOD definition of early operational capability (EOC).  In fact, the meaning of EOC changes based on context.  In DODI 5000.02, for example, EOC is used in connection with Limited Deployment of software.  The focus here is that although you are testing increments each increment must provide the full design capabilities (hence EOC) but is only limited in deployment locations.  On the other hand, the Services frequently use the term EOC to focus on all the activities that support IOC.  This activities usually include training of personal, logistics, fielding strategy, and a host of other important areas.  Still, others use EOC to develop the employment of weapons systems prior to full IOC.  For example, if IOC requires 24 aircraft with full logistics trails surely 12 aircraft provide some EOC that may require some additional support to deploy prior to IOC. So, EOC is not an official term but it is used more and more each day.

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