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    Can you utilize the GPC to pay for Tolls? Thanks


    The GPC card is merely a tool and may be used only for purchases that are otherwise authorized by law or regulation and could be purchased using another contract vehicle at a dollar amount above the GPC threshold.  Regarding tolls for GSA vehicles, Department of the Army GPC Operating Procedures, 14 Jan 13, lists vehicle-related expenses as a prohibited purchase in Appendix C.  It states: “Vehicle-related expenses are to be paid with the travel or fleet cards (as appropriate).” 
    You say that your GSA Fleet Service Representative states that they will not be paying the toll fees, therefore, we recommend that you check with your Agency Program Coordinator (APC) and provide additional details so they can determine whether this is an accepted payment with the GPC.

    “Card Holders should contact local authorities (e.g., the A/OPC, local Judge Advocate General, and Financial/Resource Manager) prior to purchasing any items that seem questionable or may have the appearance of being inappropriate.
    All exceptions must be on a per-transaction basis after consultation with legal counsel, the HCA, and the Financial Manager.” (DoD Charge Card Guide Book, 30 May 14)

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