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    MIL-HDBK-61A states that the change to an approved source of supply on an SCD drawing falls under Major (Class I) criteria. Is this assessment based on logistical support (Provisioning, cataloging, TM etc) impact, or other. i.e. if the logistics products are not impacted, could this fall under Minor (Class II)?


    MIL-HANDBOOK-61A, Configuration Management Guidance, contains criteria for Class I and Class II ECPs.  Each program needs to identify its status with respect to the criteria and make a determination as to if Class I or Class II is appropriate.

    Reference Table 6-2. Activity Guide: Change Classification, page 6-16, which contains criteria for Class I ECPs, to include
    paragraph (3)(h) which addresses sources on a source control drawing.  The criteria is complex, and it would appear at face-value that the (3)(h) criteria would require a Class I ECP. However, it is important to recognize that the full listing of the criteria is a series of “and” and “or” circumstances (capitalization/bolding added by DAU), per below:
    “An ECP proposing a change to approved configuration documentation for which the Government is the current document control control authority (CDCA) OR that has been included in the contract or statement of work by the tasking activity, AND(1) Affects any physical or functional requirement in approved functional or allocated configuration documentation, OR (2) Affects any approved functional, allocated or product configuration documentation, and cost, warranties or contract milestones, OR 
    (3) (h) Affects approved product configuration documentation and one or more of the following: Sources on a source control drawing”
    Table 6-2 provides criteria for Class II ECPs, specifically paragraph 3.b which addresses changes to contractor controlled configuration documentation.  As such, commercial items that are not subject to other criteria such as complexity, criticality and performance, would not require Class I ECP designation, and would therefore fall into the Class II category. 

    In the case of commercial items as described herein, a review of the criteria for submission of a Class II ECP may be submitted to Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) for evaluation.

    For additional configuration management related information, DAU also offers LOG 204 Configuration Management training course (, CM ACQuipedia article ( and CM site on the Logistics Community of Practice "Resources & Tools" site (

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