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    In what system do CORs document IA certifications of contractor personnel?


    Great question, unfortunately I do not have a good answer for you.  First, it is our opinion that DFARS PGI 239.7102-3 is out of date by referencing DEERS.  We have notified the DARC of this.  We also hate that this references the COR.

    A review of: DoD Directive 8500.1, Information Assurance; DoD Instruction 8500.2, Information Assurance Implementation; DoD Directive 8140.01, Cyberspace Workforce Management; and DoD Manual 8570.01-M, Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program also provided no specific guidance on what "system" the information needs to be put into or how to access or accomplish this.

    I think the system is the Defense Manpower Data Center's (DMDC) Reporting System (DRS).  Recommend you contact your installation security office to confirm this and learn how to get access or contact their help dest at:

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