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    What DoD level guidance applies to nuclear weapons supply functions?


    The following DoD level guidance applies to nuclear weapons supply function:

    DoDI 8320 IUID Standards for Tangible Personal Property Management, 3 Sep 2015
    Determining Items that require unique item level traceability
    a.  DoD Components will determine the requirement for unique item level traceability based on general categories of management needs for:
    (1) Accountability requirements to track uniquely by regulation; e.g., small arms, nuclear weapons-rd.  Apply the highest levels of materiel accountability and asset visibility to the stewardship of critical safety items (CSI) and controlled inventory items (CII). 
    DoDM 4140.01-V1, Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures, February 10, 2014, Enclosure 2, page7:
    DoD materiel managers will follow special procedures for identification, handling, and control of CSI and CII including nuclear weapons-related materiel (NWRM) commensurate with the risk of materiel release as described in Volume 11 of this manual.
    (1) Provide unique item level traceability for all items meeting the criteria established by DoDI 8320.04 (Reference (e)) and Volume 11 of this manual.

    (2) Manage small arms, light weapons, non-nuclear missiles and rockets, arms, ammunition and explosives, NWRM, and conventional munitions as special types of materiel in the DoD supply chain and participate in the Joint Small Arms and Light Weapons Coordinating Group as specified in Volume 11 of this manual.
    DoDM 3150.02, Jan 15, 2015, DoD Nuclear Weapon System Safety Program Manual, 3. d.
    d. Safety rules and technical and operational procedures will be developed and approved for each nuclear weapon and nuclear weapon system in the custody of DoD through a formal approval process.
    DoDI 4151.19, Jan 9 2014, Serialized Item Management (SIM) for Life-Cycle Management of Materiel
    5. Use of Life-Cycle Item Management (LCIM) DATA
    a. Objectives for LCIM Data Usage. SIM capabilities will be developed and structured to provide LCIM data about specific items and item populations, including data useful in:
    (13) Providing visibility and control of intensively managed items (e.g., small arms or nuclear weapons-related materiel).
    DLM 4000.25-1 Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures, Dec 14, 2016 references:
    Technical Publication, “Supply Management of Nuclear Weapons Materiel,”
    DOE-DTRA TP100-1, Navy SWOP 100-1, Army TM 39-100-1, Air Force TO 11N-100-1 January 18, 1979

    For additional references assess DPAP IUID Website at or the DLA Defense Logistics Management standards Website at  

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