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    Are there any prohibitions against awarding an IDIQ using Simplified acquisition procedures?


    The following response is based solely on the question and background information provided.  As we do not have all the facts particular to your situation, we highly recommend you consult, as applicable, your contracting officer and/or Legal Office for further guidance.
    Given your reference of FAR part 12, we assume your purchase is for commercial supplies or services.  FAR 12.207(c) speaks to the use of IDIQ vehicles for commercial supplies or services.  FAR subpart 16.5 does not provide specific guidance on this subject.  We look to see if FAR part 13 sheds any light.  Again there is no specificity.  However the is a related reference that gives an indication. 
    13.106-1 -- Soliciting Competition
    (e) Use of options. Options may be included in solicitations, provided the requirements of Subpart 17.2 are met and the aggregate value of the acquisition and all options does not exceed the dollar threshold for use of simplified acquisition procedures.
    If options are contemplated when using SAP, it follows that IDIQ vehicles (which has similar aspects of options) are allowable as long as all other conditions, limitations are adhered to.
    Further, we note:
    1.102 -- Statement of Guiding Principles for the Federal Acquisition System
    (d) The role of each member of the Acquisition Team is to exercise personal initiative and sound business judgment in providing the best value product or service to meet the customer’s needs. In exercising initiative, Government members of the Acquisition Team may assume if a specific strategy, practice, policy or procedure is in the best interests of the Government and is not addressed in the FAR, nor prohibited by law (statute or case law), Executive order or other regulation, that the strategy, practice, policy or procedure is a permissible exercise of authority.

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