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    What are the DoD regulations, guides, instructions, pamphlets, etc governing or explaining how to conduct Joint Military Utility Assessments, Operational Utility Assessments or Military Utility Assessments?


    Prototypes and experimental prototypes are really more like ACTDs/JCTDs so this response is in the context of ACTDs/JCTDs and processes each follow. In that vein, the governing documentation would be under the JCIDs family of documents including CJCSI 3170.011, dated 23 Jan 2015, the JCTD Transition Desk Reference, and several other guidelines outlined by the component Services that explain Military (or Operational) Utility Assessments (MUAs). 

    Please remember: MUAs that do not contain the critical elements of information presented in the ICD (description of the capability gap(s); associated tasks, conditions and operational performance standards/metrics; and how the materiel and non-materiel approaches and analyses from the JCTD addressed these factors) must be augmented with a final demonstration report to qualify the results as equivalent to an ICD which is key to moving forward.  The ICD documents the materiel approach, or an approach that is a combination of materiel and non-materiel, to a specific capability gap.  The report also “declares” the level of operational utility according to the Concept of Operations (CONOPs) and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedure (TTPs); and provides post-JCTD transition, CONOPs and TTP, and Doctrine, Organization, Training, materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, Facilities and Policy (DOTmLPF-P) recommendations.

    The MUA report and applicable Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) [if required in lieu of MUA Report] and/or Capability Development Document (CDD) are needed to meet the requirements of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) process.  By now, you might think it’s beginning to sound like a complex process, but it’s rather straight-forward. The imperative behind this entire process is intended to make sure whatever investment the DoD makes is the right one (and an affordable one) to meet a capability gap to support of the warfighter.  

    We recommend that you contact your component Service for more information to guide your upcoming MUA.

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