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    PCS and FSC are either supply or service, but is either classified as one or the other for NAICS codes too?


    NAICS CODES are not necessarily aligned and classified as either service or supply?  They are classified by Industry Sector.  It’s because many industry sectors are either traditional manufacturing or service related that it appears they are aligned/classified that way.  So, yes you could have a PCS/FSC that is product related, but the appropriate NAICS is in a service industry segment.
    Contracting officers have wide latitude in selecting the NAICS and FSC/PSC for individual acquisitions.  The goal is to attract the best that industry has to offer and that’s one of the reasons why selecting an appropriate NAICS/PCS code is so important.  Many business who do business with the government use their NAICS(s) Codes and different FSC/PSC they work in as their search terms in FEDBIZZOPS, GSA Advantage and e-Buy, to name a few, when looking for business opportunities.
    I’m not sure if you’ve seen the Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) Product and Service Code Selection Tool.  It’s available at this link:
    What’s really cook about it, is it lets you search for PSCs or NAICS and then it suggests potential codes based on what you’re buying.
    For your particular situation, I typed in the search field “519120” and it instantly gave a number of different (five to be exact) potential PSCs for that NAICS.  You will notice though that the definition for that NAICS code is predominantly for library related services.  If you were stocking a library… you would most likely use a different NAICS when procuring books, periodicals, and other media.

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