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    In the word document, why would the Initial Production Decision paragraph be further indented after stating that its after to enter production follows development and testing? This would lead me to mistakenly assume that the initial production decision is either done after LRIP or is a substitute of LRIP.


    In DoD’s Defense Acquisition System of phases and milestones, the decision the enter the Production and Deployment phase is made at Milestone C.  The Milestone C decision authorizes Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) as noted on Page 7, paragraph (b) 4.  Milestone C FOLLOWS the Engineering and Manufacturing Development phase - during this phase intensive development testing on prototype systems is conducted and the phase culminates with an operational assessment on systems built to the initial product baseline confirmed at the Critical Design Review. 

    The first part of the Production and Deployment phase authorized by Milstone C is Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP), which will supply test articles for Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E).  Upon successful completion of the IOT&E, a Full Rate Production Decision (FRPDR) will be conducted to authorize the ramp-up and completion of production, which typically takes a number of years, and the fielding of all systems.

    The Initial Production Decision in the generic model referred to on page 8 is Milestone C in the DoD model.  Both the generic and DoD models use the term Full Rate Production Decision - thus the sub-paragraphs correctly describe their respective activities and the sub-paragraphs are correctly indented.

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