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    Is it necessary to go through the trouble of uploading all the documentation that pertains to the appointment of the COR on each individual Task Order when the COR has not changed since contract award. We issue hundreds of Task Orders a year and it is so redundant to go through the trouble aforementioned regarding the COR. Please help to clarify this need to do this. Thanks.


    We’ve addressed this already a number of times here at AAP.
    As a reminder, DoD policy and guidance for nominating and appointing CORs is found at DFARS PGI 201.602-2, and DoDI 5000.72.  Enclosure 4 of 5000.72 is what stipulates and requires CORs to be assigned at the Task/Delivery order level.  The rationale is because the type of requirement (A, B, or C) could be different on different task orders.
    That said, there is nothing which prohibits a single Letter of Designation (LOD) from having multiple task order numbers on it.  And, as far as I know, there is nothing in CORT which prohibits the contracting officer from including multiple (or a range) of task order numbers on the LOD; but they would have to confirm that.

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